• Factories/Commercial buildings
  • Individual/Residential building
  • Weekend holiday homes
Roads/ Bridges
  • Road / Bridge constructions
  • Concrete flooring
  • Land developments
  • Turnkey solutions
Construction Management
  • Planning Projects
  • Design / Structure / Customization
  • Life Cycle/ Phases Analysis
  • Conceptual Budgeting
Canal / Electrical Power T & T
  • DAMS / diversion barrages
  • Water conduction systems / Underground water canal
  • Electro – Mechanical works
  • Water supply / Sanitation
Values of the Company
Horizon puts integrity ahead of every goal. Our values are centered on this core belief. The core values for Horizon are
  • Transparency in everything we do: All the business we do, every transaction we carry out, is underlined with honesty. Integrity and transparency are the watchwords for all our deals and projects.
  • Unity is strength: We believe that the team as a unit has great strength. When people come together and work, the resulting work is nothing short of great. Also, a team provides each individual in the company with unconditional emotional support to continue doing their best.
  • Focus on humanity: Despite the latest in technology, we are still a people-driven company. The values driving our workplace are caring, compassion and sensitivity to human needs.
  • High standards: Excellence underlines our execution; we compete with ourselves to better our last work and to stand out in the industry. If there are limitations, one must make efforts to achieve the best even in every-day work.
  • Community responsibility: Our accountability does not end at the Horizon workplace; we believe our responsibility also extends to the environment and our community. On our way up the growth path, we are supported by the community and hence when we prosper, we must give back to the community and people as well.
Management Team
Chetana Patel
Chetana Patel brings to Horizon seven years of active experience in the area of Human Resource Management together with a zeal for adding value to whatever project she undertakes. Chetana possesses expertise in Organizational Development, Motivation and Employee Relationship, Training and Development, to name just a few. Chetana has successfully motivated and steered teams to deliver professional excellence even in demanding times. She brings her strategic insights and pragmatism to the Horizon team and will guide the company as a co-advisor.