Our Story
Horizon Infra Company is non-partisan, non-political and non-governmental private sector. The company has established to assist for the development, strengthening of rehabilitation, construction, delivering development, humanitarian assistance of in Gujarat through a regional office located in the Gujarat. The Head Office of the company is based in Vadodara. It is functioning as Independent and authorized. Horizon Infra have professional & Technical staff in different civil engineering field including irrigation water supply, sanitation, road construction, building construction, building of bridge & canal etc. Horizon Infra has influence the extensive experience of its corporate partners in the following industries: Our Company also provide pre-construction services like Conceptual Budgeting, Life Cycle Analysis, Phase Analysis, Value Enginee, Scheduling & Estimating
Our Services
  • Factories/Commercial buildings
  • Individual/Residential building
  • Weekend holiday homes
Roads/ Bridges
  • Road / Bridge constructions
  • Concrete flooring
  • Land developments
  • Turnkey solutions
Construction Management
  • Planning Projects
  • Design / Structure / Customization
  • Life Cycle/ Phases Analysis
  • Conceptual Budgeting
Canal / Electrical Power T & T
  • DAMS / diversion barrages
  • Water conduction systems / Underground water canal
  • Electro – Mechanical works
  • Water supply / Sanitation
  • Horizon Infra team completed several projects before registration with GOV.
  • Horizon Infra provided job opportunities to more than 500 workers up to 2015 years of it operations with over 50 technical and construction personal and 1000 plus labor and provide high quality design and construction services in a timely, safe and cost effective manner.
  • Horizon Infra is able to mobilize adept engineering and construction teams, fully equipped with computerized drafting & project management tools, and state of the art construction equipments on our projects throughout Gujarat.
  • Horizon Infra aims to continue to provide quality of construction in remote communities of east south & central India, which are out of the coverage of the rehabilitation service of government & other agencies.
  • Horizon Infra also aims to positively participate in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Gujarat, which is affected by 30 years along civil war, along UN, PRTs, other international agency and government.
  • Horizon Infra is well known name in the Gujarat Construction Community and has the proven track record in bringing ground-breaking and approachable engineering solutions to its clients.
  • We started operations right after the end of Demotic Gujarat, and Horizon Infra was among the first few construction companies delivering quality services. We have been able to be committed to our values and excel in meeting the appraisal of our clients and achieve challenging goals in harshest locations and toughest situations.
  • We are in close contact with local communities and they always discuss and put forward their problems through applications and after analysis and feasibility study of their problems and applications, then conceptualized and forwarded to different donors for funding.
  • As a development Company, Horizon Infra actively encourages people’s participation and community contribution as the basic elements of its approach to development work. It believes in the strengthening of co-operation and co-ordination between local authorities, companies and UN agencies in order to provide better services.